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Happy Valentine's Day! (2009)

It's a great day to celebrate friends. I could not live without the friendships in my life. That is certain. They keep me encouraged, alter my perspective and are willing to laugh or cry with me (and sometimes those two things happen at the same time).

Sandy and I have formed a closer relationship just this past year and the fact that we both have three daughters seems to be cementing things for us. I adore her kids and it's always fun to find an excuse to spend time with her family. She's also kind and patient with my kids. I love it when my girls can be around her. I also love that her girls call me "Auntie Barbara."

I've known Jackie for close to 20 years now and she is consistently bubbly and always gives her heart. She gives me advice, has helped me clean my house and is open to the new crazy ideas I come up with . I was honored to take her wedding photos and I admire the marriage that she and Casey have built. She's known me and Ruben since we were dating and has seen us go through some wild times. What a gem she is to me.